Years after Metafilter established itself as one of the web’s best niche communities, its regulars, at no one’s bidding, started calling each other MeFites. (Me fights!) There might have been competing alternatives once, but this name stuck. MeFite became canon.

It’s a pillar of subcultural capital to invest in names, codes, and inside jokes as a means of shoring up identity and contrasting one’s chosen peers against the dominant culture. So it has bugged me for a while that we who share and discuss stories directly on RSS readers don’t have a name for each other. The standby in the Google Reader days was ‘sharebro’, but where that hot paper bag of noise came from I don’t care to find out. Ours is a new era of social RSS. Eclectic, threatened, more diffuse than ever, but wiser for it.

Luckily NewsBlur’s aslum happened on a solution before anyone else has to. He bases it off a Dinosaur Comics formula for taking the gender out of occupational nouns: as firemen become firefighters, waitresses become waitfighters.

Hence sharefighters. It has a definite ring to it. Sharefighters. Dousing the flames of ignorance. Resisting the pull of big social networks. Putting up dukes for independent content creators. Punching above our weight. Roundhousing dudebros out the door.